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Last month was Swordtember and I drew 30 swords for it… but I’m not done yet. So I’m going to try to draw a sword every day for this month too. Who knows if I’ll run the full month, but whenever I’m done the plan is to put together a book of swords and then at some point release the drawings as an incidental stock art pack.

Forged in the last days of Zorisz for the warchief Kurthan the blade was named Ruiner by the Zoriszian conscripts for it kept turning up at battles that ended in horrific slaughters of both sides and went through at least a half-dozen wielders in the last three months of the war. Ruiner is a two-handed sword +3. It is a cursed weapon, unable to be given up once wielded and it drives the wielder into a rage in combat, granting an additional +2 to damage and forcing the wielder to attack a target (friend or foe) each round unless there is no one within reach at which point the frenzy ends until the blade is used to attack again.