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The Spore Vents Isometric
The Spore Vents Isometric (300 dpi promo)

Deadly mushrooms are slowly taking over the Bosc Verde Forest, killing off the trees and other undergrowth. The spores seem to be coming from the nearby sulfurous geothermal vents that were used as a sacred healing site by the Bosc tribes before the settlement of the region by the Empire. Acknowledged as ne of the braver foresters of the Bosc, Gregor the Scarred went down the ancient stairs into the vents and returned with a story of mutlicoloured mushrooms taking over below before he expired from lungs full of spores already taking root within him.

The Spore Vents Isometric
The Spore Vents Isometric (1200 dpi)

Someone with better gear is going to need to go down there to take care of the problem. The longer it takes, the more farmland and forest will be lost to the infestation. Heavy waxed leather suits have been prepared by the townfolk, but they lack enough cure disease spells to make entry into the vents safe enough for any local to be willing to take the risk. If all else fails they might be convinced to rig together a diving-bell like apparatus in order to chop down the mushrooms below…

The Spore Vents Isometric
The Spore Vents Isometric (1200 dpi – no grid)

But sacred healing waters remain sacred – and a few elders of the Bosc tribes remain down here, now a thousand or more years old. They are constantly rejuvenated by the waters, but are falling victim to the fungal infestation too – now they are part mushroom themselves. They are terrified of this transition, and this leads to quick violence upon any intruders, especially if they seem at all willing to damage the sacred caves (and the mushrooms that have taken them over).


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