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I’ve drawn a bunch of fantasy sewer maps over the years, especially following my work on Waterdeep Dragon Heist where I drew a pair of underground bases / lairs set in the sewers. In fact, at least one map in this gallery was designed specifically to mesh with that map.

So here I’ll try to keep an up-to-date list of the sewer maps on the blog, going back to the oldest one…

  • [Dec 2021] Sewer Complex – a sprawling sewer complex with connections designed for both the sewermorphs and other sewers from the blog, the largest sewer map posted to date.
  • [Nov 2021] Six Sickly Sewermorphs – a set of six 10×10 geomorphs built up around sewer connectors.
  • [Dec 2019] Sewer Connector Elements – three long narrow sewer connectors to spread the more complex sewer sections apart.
  • [Nov 2019] Defiled Waters – sometimes when building sewers, you end up building through more interesting parts of the city, in this case a forgotten temple.
  • [Nov 2019] Cage Street Sewer Nexus – sewers, collection pools, and basements, oh my!
  • [Oct 2019] Sewer Elements – four narrow sewer sections meant to connect other areas or to be used as quick encounter locations.
  • [Oct 2019] the Stone Troll’s Lantern – a nasty tavern built down at sewer level. Seriously, the service here stinks!
  • [Oct 2019] West Sewers Complex – sewers and a semi-secret black market concealing a secret and forbidden temple.
  • [Oct 2019] South Sewers Hideout – designed to link directly to one of the sewer maps from Dragon Heist, this section of sewers include a few basements and a secret hideout.
  • [Aug 2019] Rosewood Street Sewers – sewers built into the underground ruins of an old temple and palace.
  • [Jul 2018] Delren Street Sewers – Wererats? In my sewers? It’s more likely than you think!
  • [Jul 2017] Forgotten Catacombs – a huge set of catacombs under the old church have been sealed off but are still accessible from the sewers, if you know where to look.
  • [May 2016] The Quizzling Duck – a tavern used to smuggle goods via the sewer system by the local thieves’ guild.
  • [Apr 2016] Crypts and Sewers – more undercity crypts linked to the sewers… this map only has maybe 60 feet of sewers and is much more about the crypts.
  • [Dec 2015] Paradise Control – an illegal underground casino with links to the city sewer system (re-released under a commercial license in March 2019.)
  • [Sep 2009] The Sewers of Travon – an ancient piece of my work, in the grand scheme of things – this sewer map links multiple parts of the city of Travon.

Also, you should probably check out “My Private Jakalla” which is a whole section of an Empire of the Petal Throne undercity spread over 21 maps which of course includes some significant stretches of sewers.