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Oceanwatch was originally an outpost of the Masked Company, a mercenary force tasked with guarding against the encroaching forces of Baron Ossur. They marked off the small peninsula for later building and built their hexagonal fort where it still stands today near the inner seawall (which, along with the outer seawall, was raised by a conjured Earth Elemental). With Baron Ossur’s conquest of these lands, their mission was a failure, but the Masks remained, offering their services to the Baron and watching the small settlement grow around them.

Oceanwatch (300 dpi promo – no commercial license)

Two hundred and fifteen years later, Oceanwatch is a well-defended settlement with churches, a park, some farmland within the walls, and thriving maritime trade for a settlement of its size. With the understanding that the new residents don’t have a say in the operations or settlement of the Masks, the Masked Company attempts to remain uninvolved in the local politics and planning of Oceanwatch. Instead, the city is governed by a few guildmasters and a representative of the Barony.

Oceanwatch (1200 dpi)

Farmland has been cleared (and small villages / thorpes grown up) in an area roughly 12 miles around Oceanwatch. The farmers and tradesfolk in this area see to Oceanwatch for their protection and tithe a portion of their production to Oceanwatch (which is in turn split between the Masks and the Oceanwatch government). The Masks tally these tithes as payment for their mercenary forces to operate in the local area.


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