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Our condo corporation has snow removal after large snowfalls so we have to get our cars out on those mornings… I took advantage of this mandatory moving of the car to head to the FLGS. I picked up a few items (Blood & Steel, 2300: Star Cruiser, and Run Out the Guns)… and then the store owner threw in a few items for free:

Melee, Wizard, and Death Test bagged editions but without the maps and counters (except the map for Melee). The copy of melee is the early “naughty bits” Jennell Jaquays cover. I have all the new editions from when I did the maps for the Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition – so these will get added to my Fantasy Trip boxes.

But the other freebie was slightly newer (1981), but something I had never seen before – Spacefarers is a Games Workshop sci-fi skirmish game to go with the spacefarers line of miniatures from Citadel in the early 80s. “Each player is in control of a unit of Imperial Marines, Dark Disciples, Star Patrolmen, or independent gangs.” I haven’t had a chance to dig into it yet to compare it to 40k lore and rules, but I’m looking forward to digging into it this afternoon after our Empire of the Petal Throne game.