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Every month we go through our back catalog of maps and the many amazing supporters of the blog over on Patreon vote on which two should be re-released under the free commercial use license. Today we are bringing back the The Dwarven Shrine at Mount Thorrien – a map I originally posted to the blog back in 2014. For this re-release the map has been rescanned to 1200 dpi, sharpened up, and a grid has been added.

The Dwarven Shrine at Mount Thorrien
The Dwarven Shrine at Mount Thorrien (300 dpi promo – no commercial license)

At the base of Mount Thorrien is a shrine to one of the dwarven patrons of the great war – a water deity that helped guide the dwarven earthships to this realm to engage in the war against the Kale. The clan that built this shrine, along with most of the dwarves of Mount Thorrien, were among the clans who managed to maintain their fleet of earthships through the war and then departed in them when the fighting was over.

The Dwarven Shrine at Mount Thorrien
The Dwarven Shrine at Mount Thorrien (1200 dpi)

The shrine is maintained by a solitary human – one family from the nearest town has taken it upon themselves to care for the structure now that the dwarves have left. The second child of each generation is usually given the thankless job and lives in the small stone structure across the river from the shrine entrance. The shrinekeeper uses a series of old dwarven homes to get from the house to the shrine (as the front door of the shrine has been locked since the last dwarven priests departed).

The Dwarven Shrine at Mount Thorrien
The Dwarven Shrine at Mount Thorrien (1200 dpi, no grid)

The 1200 dpi versions of the map were drawn at a scale of 300 pixels per square and are 11,700 pixels (39 squares) wide. To use this with a VTT you would need to resize the squares to either 70 pixels (for 5′ squares) or 140 pixels (for 10′ squares) – so resizing it to either 2,730 pixels wide or 5,460 pixels wide, respectively.


This map is made available to you under a free license for personal or commercial use under the “RELEASE THE KRAKEN” initiative thanks to the awesome supporters of my Patreon Campaign. Over 900 awesome patrons have come together to fund the site and these maps, making them free for your use.

Because of the incredible generosity of my patrons, I’m able to make this map free for commercial use also. Each month while funding is over the $400 mark, we choose a map from the blog’s extensive back catalog to retroactively release under this free commercial license. You can use, reuse, remix and/or modify the maps that are being published under the commercial license on a royalty-free basis as long as they include attribution (“Cartography by Dyson Logos” or “Maps by Dyson Logos”).

Please note that the promotional version of this map (the one with the brown paper background) as well as the name and story behind the map is not included in this commercial use license.