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Twelve years ago I started posting Geomorphs to this blog. Twelve years. I posted the first geomorph to the blog at the end of October, 2009. Here we are in 2022 and I’m still posting new ones to add to the mix. These new geomorphs are, of course, the fault of Inkwell Ideas who will be launching a new DungeonMorph Dice / Cards campaign shortly!

2022 Lair Morphs 1
2022 Lair Morphs 1 (1200 dpi)

These cavern geomorphs are designed to mesh with the other few hundred geomorphs I’ve posted to the blog over the years, the many varieties of DungeonMorphs published by Inkwell Ideas, and of course the thousand or so more that are on DavesMapper.

2022 Lair Morphs 1
2022 Lair Morphs 1 (1200 dpi, no grid)

We have little lakes, crevasses, multi-tiered caves and caverns, twisting tunnels, and of course a collapsed passage to navigate here. Rotating these in any direction allows them to form any variety of twisting cavern mazes and lairs for your subterranean encounters. There are a further three sets of geomorphs that I’ll be releasing here over the course of February to extend this collection!

The 1200 dpi versions of these geomorphs were drawn at a scale of 300 pixels per square and are each 3,000 pixels (10 squares) wide. To use this with a VTT you would need to resize the squares to either 70 pixels (for 5′ squares) or 140 pixels (for 10′ squares) – so resizing each individual geomorph to either 700 pixels wide or 1,400 pixels wide, respectively.


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