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So… this is happening:

Remember the 49 swords I drew through #Swordtember and #Choptober? Well, they’ve picked up a 50th friend and the whole collection have gone and gotten themselves into a book! And the Kickstarter campaign for that book will go live on March 20th.

Here’s a test print of the book that Peter sent me. It has me very excited to get these out to everyone.

50 swords, each illustrated and with a short bit of background text and the abilities of the blade in classic D&D formatting for use with your OSR game of choice (and I dare say, they’ll work with the latest edition of the game too).

It is definitely worth pointing out that I am not running the Kickstarter myself because I am horrible at follow-through. I have instead partnered with Peter Regan of Squarehex (publisher of The Black Hack and the Black Pudding Zines among many other cool things) so we have someone well-versed in printing and fulfilling campaigns while I keep drawing.

We’ve got some limited quantity exclusives, but they may get snapped up quickly. If you click on the Kickstarter link now, you’ll be able to set it to notify you when the campaign launches.