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The “Dyson’s Book of Swords” Kickstarter is officially live!

If you haven’t heard about it yet, this is a book compiling the 49 swords I drew through #Swordtember and #Choptober along with a 50th sword. Each sword has a spread to itself – on the right we have the illustration of the blade, and on the left we have the name and description (with game stats done with classic OSR stats in mind – quite frankly these were mostly written with the 1981 Expert rulebook and 1979 DMG in front of me).

Since the abilities of the blade are in classic D&D formatting for use with your OSR game of choice they also pretty well work with the newest edition of the game too.

This is a test print of the book for us to look through for typos and other errors – but just holding it in hand and flipping through it has been enough of a joy that I didn’t actually start red-penning my text until this afternoon (so yes, there will be some changes to the text between the test prints and the final going out to backers).

I have partnered with Peter Regan of Squarehex for running and fulfilling the Kickstarter so we have someone well-versed in printing and fulfilling campaigns while I keep drawing.

Dyson’s Book of Swords Kickstarter – Now Live!