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The latest DungeonMorphs kickstarter from Inkwell Ideas is now live. Years ago Joe from Inkwell Ideas approached a bunch of us who were making dungeon geomorphs based on the design I implemented back in… 2008 (?) to produce the first set of DungeonMorph Dice.

Here we are with a new DungeonMorph Kickstarter – dice, tiles, battlemaps, and even solo RPG play rules this time around!

I produced a large collection of new geomorph designs for this latest Kickstarter which is the first DungeonMorph set to include the new sewer geomorph geometry (with the sewer entrances/exits taking up a new entrance/exit slot in the design). This means that, like the last Kickstarter, every die will include one of my designs (on the 6 face, no less!)

But wait…

Check out that fourth stretch goal!

If we hit that, I’ll be going through all the designs by the other artists & cartographers and translating them to my style so you have the choice of the classic blue cardboard tiles or the full set of tiles done in my style instead.

You know you want it.