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Four years ago I acquired the last book I needed (Something Rotten in Kislev) to run The Enemy Within – the classic Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign published in the mid-late 80s by Games Workshop for the 1st edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I immediately put out a call for local players, and then a second call online to run it over Discord with a mixed group of local and long-distance players.

I’ve been slowly posting our session reports to the blog as “Shadows of the Ruinous Powers” – I’ve got the first 76 sessions posted so far from this campaign (and will post the remaining 15 over the next few months).

The remaining 15.

Because tonight was session 91, and the campaign is done. A new emperor wears Sigmar’s crown and the characters have retired to variously courtly and semi-courtly duties.