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From last night’s session of Mörk Borg

We hit an… unusual complication. As the sun rose while the group were sleeping at the Bloody Cliff Tavern & Inn in Mur, another Misery was triggered.

Psalm V, Verse 6

“And the last King and the last Queen shall wither to dust. Their wretched courts are devoured by wolves.”

This wouldn’t be a big deal… except that a pretender sits on the Shadow King’s throne, and Hargha the Highborn has claimed the throne of Grift and wears the Shadow King’s crown. Making one of the PCs the last King. Worse, he named every other PC in the group to positions in his court.

But the Shadow King’s crown will not let him die. Instead, he awakens within the royal palace, but his shadow is now a sentient and separate being in telepathic communication with him. And wolves now run through the unguarded gates of the city, seeking to devour his court.

They escape the city, but the wolves still trail behind them. They climb down the walls that contained the Mur before she was drained of water as the Endless Sea retreated. Wolves attempt the climb after them, but fall to their deaths.

And now, still pursued by the howls of their hunters, they have made their way into the Mur Witch’s sepulchre, home to a serpent cult that is opposed to the Unholy Sarkantha. A poet-priest of the Unholy Sarkantha has guided them here, for it is said that there is an altar within this place where an unwilling sacrifice can be made in order to make a wish and perhaps save Grift… or even stop the end of the world. And of course, his hatred of the serpent cult definitely hasn’t impacted his choice to lead the group here…

(with material from “Mörk Borg”, “Box of Shadows”, “Bridges of Mur”, and “Mörk Borg Cult: Heretic”)