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The Village of Winten Ford
The Village of Winten Ford (300 dpi promo – no commercial license)

Winten Ford was built up around a small mill built by the eponymous ford on a small river. Between the mill and the increased traffic, the old ford became a muddied mess and eventually was replaced by a wood and stone bridge at the same time as the two small towers were built here (the larger on the hilltop overlooking the bridge, the smaller hexagonal tower on the highest point within what became the walls of Winten Ford.) The palisade walls don’t entirely surround the town – a few buildings are outside the walls and the two gates to those portions don’t currently have doors (but the townsfolk could put together something in a crisis). The walls are mostly to make people feel safe at night and were erected when banditry in this region was much more of a threat.

The Village of Winten Ford
The Village of Winten Ford (1200 dpi)

The village is pretty much self-governing. The larger tower is maintained by a minor knight, but she makes no claims over the people of the town or the product of their work. The main voices in the town are the miller’s family (who own both the mill and the tower within the town walls), a few well off farmers, and the two clerics who run a church here dedicated to the imperial pantheon (the large structure with two small towers on the north side of the centre of town).


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