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Through the rest of June I’ll be posting a series of interlocking hexmaps that I drew. There’s no set scale for these maps, and the items on the maps are not to scale with each other so we can see points of interest like towers, cities, and caves.

For this series, I’ve been working with the style I started putting together a couple of years ago where the rivers run along the hex borders – this allows for river travel to be great for exploration as you can see the hexes on each side of the river as you go.

I’ve titled this series “The Midsummer Land” as I’ll be posting them through the later part of June and through the summer solstice. Sure, it isn’t really mid summer, but it feels right. If you really need a scale for this and don’t want to pick one yourself, go with six miles to the hex.

The Midsummer Lands - Hex 1
The Midsummer Lands – Hex 1 (300 dpi promo)

This is the first section of the Midsummer Lands – a land of strange fairy tales, fantastic cities, strange forests, and many oddities. All other maps in the initial set will spread out from this one. This map is roughly centred on the city of Bannersbridge which has built up at the mouth of the Summerlands River. The area around the walled city is mostly turned over to farmland, with the nearby islands home to a lighthouse, a small fishing community, and “the City of Summer Flowers” across the bridge from Bannersbridge proper. There are also a number of towers, small fortifications, and a farming community on the shores of the Summerlands River.

The Midsummer Lands - Hex 1
The Midsummer Lands – Hex 1 (1200 dpi)

Further inland from Bannersbridge are a few distinct points of interest. In the southwest, beyond the hills and forests, is the edge of the Urvelm Plateau and the ruin-filled badlands atop it. North, separated from the ocean by the small Keller Range is Grand Elven Lake (which we’ll be exploring in the next map in the series). Finally, on the western edge of the map is a massive fungal spire that reaches nearly half a mile up into the sky. The forests around this spire (and the other spires to be found deeper into that area) are infested – the trees are all twisted and warped and sprout bizarre mushrooms, some of which even walk, talk, and would like to engage in fungal trade.


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