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The fourth map of the Midsummer Lands is set to the left / west of Map 3. The next two will cover the areas north of it, producing a 3 tall by 2 wide “grid” of map sections that interlink.

As with all the maps in the set, there is no set scale for these maps, and the items on the maps are not to scale with each other so we can see points of interest like towers, cities, and caves. If you really need a scale for this and don’t want to pick one yourself, go with six miles to the hex.

The Midsummer Lands – Hex Map 4
The Midsummer Lands – Hex Map 4 (300 dpi promo)

This map follows the Clear River through Mirror Lake and further west to its source. There are no settlements on Mirror Lake, but at the north end are the sunken ruins of an ancient city that boat traffic navigates through when coming downriver from Prince Fidelious’ Landing where the Clear River is met by a tributary flowing in from the hills to the north. The forests around Fidelious’ Landing are rich with fruiting trees and small goblin-like creatures that try to maintain them in some semblance of groves.

The other tributary of the Clear comes in from the other side of the Blue Peaks mountains – following it to its source in the mountains leads to a valley dominated by a ring of massive menhirs almost 80 feet tall that was built by the Blue Peaks giants in antiquity.

The Midsummer Lands – Hex Map 4
The Midsummer Lands – Hex Map 4 (1200 dpi)

Again, we see some of the Urvelm Plateau on this map – on the upper right. The whole plateau is covered in ruins and badlands and is often the destination for treasure hunters and their ilk. This is also the one “easy” place to climb up to the plateau where a dirt and stone ramp leads down from the plateau over several miles.

And of course, if you look closely around the map, you’ll find a number of cavern lairs, ruins, standing stones, and other points of interest for adventurers to explore.


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