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It is done (for now) – all six of the Midsummer Lands hexmaps are done and released, and now we’ve got them combined as a single map. As with all the maps in the set, there is no set scale for these maps, and the items on the maps are not to scale with each other so we can see points of interest like towers, cities, and caves. If you really need a scale for this and don’t want to pick one yourself, go with six miles to the hex.

The Midsummer Lands – Combined

This version on the coloured background is a 3000 pixel wide jpg file – which means it will print on ledger sized paper at almost 300 dpi – more than good enough for most uses. Click on the image to open the large version. The image at the top of the article is a photograph of this version printed at ledger size.

The Midsummer Lands B&W High Res

The B&W version here is packed into a zip file because WordPress has issues with 14 meg high res PNG files. This version is 22,800 pixels wide – big enough that you could print it up to 76 inches wide and still be at 300 dpi. It is a true monster.

I’ll also work on putting together a labelled version that includes all the locations I mentioned when describing the six individual maps, as well as a few other locations of interest.


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