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As with all the major cities of Tsolyánu, Béy Sǘ has been torn down and built over innumerable times over the generations. In the underworld of the city are a number of important (and well guarded) sites including the understructures of the major temples, archives, government buildings, and access to the remnants of the planetary tube-car system. But in a city as massive as Béy Sǘ, there are many other things below the city streets…

The Red Temple under Béy Sǘ
The Red Temple under Béy Sǘ (300 dpi promo – no commercial license)

The Red Temple was once a major part of the temple of Karakán before it moved to another part of the city. A hall of heroes and champions of the Brethren of Scarlet – a “secret warrior society” within the cult of Karakán. Most of the Red Temple was buried during the ditlanna that resulted in the current sewer system that runs next to these underworld structures, but the core of the temple remains and a new sect of the Soldiers of the Dawning Sun (a society of hotheaded worshippers of Karakán who urge political activism and military action) have taken to coming here for their own rituals and meetings.

The Red Temple under Béy Sǘ
The Red Temple under Béy Sǘ (1200 dpi)

Accessing the old Red Temple requires getting into the sewers under what is now the barracks of the Legion of Lord Kàingmra, the 8th Artillery (who make this easy for the Soldiers of the Dawning Sun as it is a Karakán temple legion). From the sewers there’s a fairly difficult to access door that leads into the old temple. For senior members, however, there’s a secret accessway that they generally keep secret from the membership in order to keep it as an escape route and to avoid too many people knowing about it (the secret passage almost exactly in the middle of the map).

The Red Temple under Béy Sǘ
The Red Temple under Béy Sǘ (1200 dpi – no grid)

But there’s a reason the Red Temple doesn’t see regular use, even by the Soldiers of the Dawning Sun – the nearby sewers leak into the lowest portions of the temple, giving the whole place an incredibly unpleasant stink that seems to permeate the red-dyed stones themselves.

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