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Tombs of the Throl Tribe
Tombs of the Throl Tribe (300 dpi promo, no commercial license)

The lizardfolk of the Throl tribe have been using this river cave for their honoured dead for untold ages. You can see their descent from mighty rulers of this region to the near-refugee status they have today through the ages of the tombs. The main section of ancient tombs is for the six great elders of antiquity, each entombed in a silver sarcophagus sealed with gold and bound with lead and then placed in an ornately carved stone tomb.

Tombs of the Throl Tribe
Tombs of the Throl Tribe (1200 dpi)

Further back into the cave, the smell of decomposition and the insects give away how things are today. The final cave contains seven smaller sealed stone sarcophagi each containing the head of a great leader of the Throl Tribe. In the natural pit watched over by these “heads in a box” are the bones of many more lizardfolk – their bodies left to decompose here under the scrutiny of their honoured dead and the one lizardpriest.

Tombs of the Throl Tribe
Tombs of the Throl Tribe (1200 dpi, no grid)

Across from the pit chamber is a larger chamber where the lizardpriest resides. The eldest of the Throl tribe shamans takes up the mantle of guide of the dead when the previous guide dies. The guide watches the caves to make sure no one disturbs the deceased elders, and occasionally feeds the giant lizards that nest in the first chamber if hunting has been poor for them. The guide also keeps the braziers between the ancient tombs stocked with incense but does not burn said because it is far too expensive for the current Throl tribe to replace.

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