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Lance Roberts' Mini Dungeons - Dysonized
Lance Roberts’ Mini Dungeons – Dysonized (300 dpi promo)

In a discussion about my maps, Lance Roberts showed off his super-simple small dungeon maps that he creates and I really liked the simplicity and the designs of the pieces in question. So, I asked if he was cool with me trying them out in my style and he graciously agreed. These four mini dungeon maps are the result.

Lance Roberts' Mini Dungeons - Dysonized
Mini Dungeons (1200 dpi)
Lance Roberts' Mini Dungeons - Dysonized
Mini Dungeons (1200 dpi, no grid)

This is actually the work that got me started trying out the five room dungeon designs I’ve been releasing every Monday. Drawing these four “simple” dungeons was a lot of fun, and I started having a bunch of ideas on how to make five-encounter dungeon maps interesting – a mix of sprawling and tight maps with different types of encounter spaces and unusual rooms. So a big thank-you to Lance for both allowing me to redraw these maps and offer them here for your use, and for setting the whole five room dungeon set of maps in motion.

Lance Roberts' Original Mini Dungeons
Lance Roberts’ Original Mini Dungeons

Finally, this is the piece I was working from – the original mini dungeons from Lance Roberts. I love how simple they are and they work great for DMing and are evidently quick to put together (but again, Lance has a good grasp of map design, these are fun little dungeons as well as quick).


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