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Living Ship - "The Bigjammer"
Living Ship – “The Bigjammer” (low resolution)

With this week’s release of the new D&D 5th edition Spelljammer books (featuring a bunch of my redraws of classic Spelljammer deckplans, and a few new ones), I’m excited to release this “non-canon” ship deckplan that I drew for George Loki Williams’ campaign in the same style as the deck plans I did for the D&D5e book.

The Spelljammer itself is a massive living ship that can maintain a population of thousands but requires no actual crew to operate. It reproduces by spawning a hundred or so smaller versions of itself known as “Smalljammers” that grow to the size of a small spelljamming vessel until the Spelljammer itself dies, then one of the smalljammers begins to grow to become the next Spelljammer.

Living Ship - "The Bigjammer"
Living Ship – “The Bigjammer” (high resolution)

However, it appears that this system is not a perfect process. Here we have the “Bigjammer” a Smalljammer that has grown to be significantly larger than its brethren without growing to anywhere near the gargantuan size of the Spelljammer itself. As a Smalljammer, this ship had some significant adventures that took it deep into the astral sea and obviously something during these expeditions and adventures triggered the growth of the ship into something larger…

The high resolution version of the deckplans was drawn at a scale of 150 pixels per square and is 14,100 pixels (94 squares) wide. To use this with a VTT you would need to resize the squares to 70 pixels for 5′ squares – so resizing it to 6,580 pixels wide.


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