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This month is Swordtember. But I drew 50 swords last year. So this year I’m going to try to draw 50 axes over the next 2 months or so. Maybe there’s a Dyson’s Book of Axes waiting at the end of this exercise…

Axe 3 - Hew & Cry
Axe 3 – Hew & Cry

Hew & Cry is a long “Dane Axe” of a heavy amethyst-coloured crystal harvested from one of the many Violet Hells. It is a +3 weapon that screams with unearthly violence when it sheds blood, producing a fear effect with radius in feet equal to the damage dealt (round up to the nearest 5′). Creatures with fewer than 4 HD in this area must save vs petrification (DC 12 Wisdom in 5e) or flee from the wielder.