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Hunter's Descent
Hunter’s Descent (300 dpi promo – no commercial license)

The ruined “well” in the forested hills is well known to hunters in the area as it stands out as an unusual place for such a well (at the top of a hill instead of in one of the valleys). Actually a ventilation shaft for some deeper construction, the space beneath was only discovered recently when part of the hillside was torn away by the roots of a falling tree exposing a massive chamber within and a series of other rooms and spaces damaged by ages of neglect and water.

Hunter's Descent
Hunter’s Descent (1200 dpi)

These five chambers are all that remains of what was obviously a much larger complex at some point. The design was ornate but includes no text in the masonry masking the ancient origins. The structures are large and open, with 20-foot wide corridors and tall arched ceilings, implying that it was built with larger races in mind, or was something quite grand at some point. To confuse matters more, the solitary statue in the alcove of the first grand hall is a 3-foot-tall statue of an octopus.

And something is making strange noises below…

Hunter's Descent
Hunter’s Descent (1200 dpi, no grid)

Every Monday for the last few months, I’ve been posting a five-room dungeon / structure / adventure site using the 5RD tag. This is the thirteenth such map in the series.

The 1200 dpi versions of the map were drawn at a scale of 300 pixels per square and are 10,800 pixels (36 squares) wide. To use this with a VTT you would need to resize the squares to either 70 pixels (for 5′ squares) or 140 pixels (for 10′ squares) – so resizing the image to either 2,520 pixels wide or 5,040 pixels wide, respectively.


This map is made available to you under a free license for personal or commercial use thanks to the awesome supporters of my Patreon Campaign. Over 500 amazingly generous people have come together to fund the site and these maps, making them free for your use.

Because of the incredible generosity of my patrons, I’m able to make these maps free for commercial use also. Each month while funding is over the $300 mark, each map that achieves the $300+ funding level will be released under this free commercial license. You can use, reuse, remix and/or modify the maps that are being published under this commercial license on a royalty-free basis as long as they include attribution (“Cartography by Dyson Logos” or “Maps by Dyson Logos”).

Please note that the promotional version of this map (the one with the brown paper background) is not included in this commercial use license and the text and name of the map are NOT released under this license, and cannot be used in conjunction with this map in a commercial project.