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For the past while, I’ve swapped out the typical “paper” background I use on my cartography streams for various other wallpaper-format pieces I’ve put together using MidJourney. During most of these streams people ask to see the full piece, so here’s the collection of the pieces I’ve used in the past few weeks:

“realistic painting of a mossy iron-bound dungeon door”
“realistic painting of dark castle ruins, dark and ominous, crumbling stone, vines, stormy skies”
“realistic painting of dark gothic ruins in a swamp”
“realistic painting of massive standing stones, stonehenge, ominous cloudy skies, ultra detailed, cinematic lighting”
“realistic painting of the tomb of horrors, style of Rackham, green and black, devil face”
“realistic painting dark gothic forest with vines, ultra detailed, cinematic lighting”

Each image links to the high-resolution version of the image (standard 1080p HD resolution – I use them as wallpapers on my PC too).

If you would like to see my livestreams, I stream my cartography work most Tuesdays / Thursdays / Saturdays from 1 to 4 pm Eastern at twitch.tv/dysonlogos.