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Seahorse Island
Seahorse Island (300 dpi promo)

It’s a wee little set of islands that appears on older navigational charts as “the Lesser Chesten Islands” but generally known by the residents and modern charts as “Seahorse Island”. There really isn’t much geography worth speaking of, and if these islands were at sea instead of in the Galtan Lake, they would be uninhabitable because of the lack of fresh water on the islands proper. The small town subsists off farming and fishing and the “benevolence” of the strange magus in the tower…

Seahorse Island
Seahorse Island (1200 dpi)

Most travellers to Seahorse Island are here to see the magus and are pointedly ignored by the locals. They won’t comment or charge for taking up dock space, and they’ll pretend the travellers just don’t exist unless they make it clear they are specifically not going to climb the small plateau to the tower. Then they might get invited in where the townsfolk kvetch about the monster that lives in the cave on the smallest island, the weird stone to the southeast, and how the last two pigs on the island both drowned their sorry asses in the swampy area…


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