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One of the final stretch goals of the recent DungeonMorphs IV Kickstarter was to include an alternate version of the DungeonMorph cards (2.5″ x 2.5″ cards of the geomorphs) in the style of one of the artists involved in the design. That artist was ME! So I spent a month and change redrawing all the geomorphs from their original artists’ styles to my own.

DungeonMorphs – Sewers 7
DungeonMorphs – Sewers 7

I’m doing these redraws one “die” at a time. The geomorphs have been assigned faces on the DungeonMorph Dice, and I’m translating them not by artist, but by die. So this is the seventh die of the sewers set. (There are a total of 24 dice in total – sewers, lairs, and crypts, so I’ve got a lot of geomorphs to draw!)

Like my classic geomorphs, these are a 10 square x 10 square unit with entries at squares 3 & 8 on each side. Unlike my usual ones, because of the printer requirements I’ve had to extend the geomorphs an extra half-square or so in every direction (bleed space for the printer) – to trim these back to the classic 10×10, use the last grid-line on each hallway as the trim indicator.

I’ll admit it is a little bit weird taking high-detail designs by BilliamBabble and Alyssa Faden and working them to my style – they both drew geomorphs that were a lot more detailed than I work with typically. So the DESIGNS are by great artists including Glynn Seal, Billiam Babble, Alyssa, and Joe Wetzel, but the style is my attempt to convert their work to my particular methodologies.


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