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Hnálla's Tower of Pillars
Hnálla’s Tower of Pillars (300 dpi promo, no commercial license)

Made of nearly white stone and then decorated in soft but brilliant white howlite, the pillared tower of Hnálla peaks over the wall of the foreigner’s district so even the heathens and barbarians from other lands can hear the Tunkúl gongs ringing to call the faithful of the Supreme Principle of Stability to prayer. The top of the tower is a silver-plated dome that is kept to a perfect polish to celebrate the sun and the eight statues that pierce the walls of the dome are of eight different aspects of the Lord Whose True Name May Not Be Known with liturgical texts cut into the walls around the statues in the vertical script of Thu’úsa.

Hnálla's Tower of Pillars
Hnálla’s Tower of Pillars (1200 dpi)

The inner chamber of the tower is 20 feet tall, with the domed top being another 30 feet above it. The upper 5 feet of the chamber is pierced by many stained glass windows filling the structure with a warm multi-coloured light during the day. The parapet around the dome level is 4 feet tall with a slightly raised section with Tunkúl gongs upon it for the six calls to prayer every day.

Hnálla's Tower of Pillars
Hnálla’s Tower of Pillars (1200 dpi, no grid)

The courtyard within the walls contains a small mirror-pool for ritual sacrifices to Hnálla – typically white flowers, clear crystals, and for those of lesser means, white stones. The pool is cleared of the majority of these sacrifices every six days at noon, although after particularly expensive sacrifices it will be cleared the next day at noon in order to reduce the temptation towards thieves who would pilfer those riches meant for Hnálla.

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