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Here we are on day 10 of #Dungeon23 – and as suspected there have to be a thousand or more people working on these right now, so I expect this update to disappear into the ether for a while until the field starts to shrink a bit. I’m really hopeful that a large portion of the #Dungeon23 designers take the original mission statement to heart and stick to very short descriptions for each room – to maintain a daily output for a full year means making sure that you aren’t biting off too much. As it stands, the challenge itself should take up at most 5 minutes out of any particular day… but I’ve seen people putting out significantly more work than that and I sincerely hope they don’t burn themselves out.

For my own #Dungeon23 projects, I’ve now completed the maps of the January levels, and am currently caught up on the writing with 10 days of material for both so far.

Here’s a video of the map creation process for the January level of the Tumíssan Underworld – the video is a 64x speed timelapse of the drawing process that actually spanned two of my cartography livestreams – drawn on the 2nd and 5th of January.

And here’s where we stand on the actual stocking of the map, pretty boring so far (map references are below the stocking text)

1-1 Lake Entry
Iron grate blocks the way but the gate within only appears locked. Roll d6: [1-2] workers from the ferry wharves will note people messing with this entry, [3] someone official (temple or administrative) notes the same, [4-6] no one notices

1-2 Sewer Line
These sewers run water and waste into the lake. The sewer lines are about 5 feet deeper than the ledges around them, with the water running between 1 and 4 feet deep in general, depending on recent weather and time of day. Few willingly treck through these waters, generally keeping to the walkways and drier areas.

1-3 Maintenance Antechamber
North door is locked. A few shelves have some maintenance tools, and a pair of shovels and a pick lean against them.

1-4 Storage
5-in-6 chance the west door is barred. Shelves contain cheap clay jars to be used as buckets, rotten rope, and two small shovels. If the west door isn’t barred, every turn there is a 2 in 6 chance that workers return through that door from the sewer lines.

1-5 Maintenance Access
Stairs lead up to a maintenance structure attached to a city admin building. West door is barred. 5a is a storage area where two runaway children are currently hiding.

1-6 Ferry Admin Basement
Stairs lead up to the Ferry administration building (but the door at the top is always locked). A few old crates and boxes are down here and the sewer feeds from the east. A few kaitars to the clerk at the ferry administration building will get the door unlocked, and a further 5 kaitars to be taught a secret knock to be allowed back up.

1-7 Lost Cellar
This old cellar is partly collapsed and no longer connects to any building above. The air is abuzz with chri (flies) congregating about a week old bloated corpse with a knife in his back who is draped over a small locked wooden chest containing a small hoard of silver coins.

1-8 Raised Walkway
This passage has been purposefully collapsed at both ends and runs parallel to the main sewer line. 1d10-3 lowly thugs are hiding here waiting for the coast to be clear to exit via area 1.

1-9 Old Sewer Line
The lower floor is wet with seepage from the lake. Weird 12-legged silvery insects about two inches long as swimming and scuttling through the waters. Their carapaces appear to have the mark of the Uncaring Dra upon them.

1-10 Secret Camp
An old blanket and tarp are hung on the east wall looking like a beat up curtain but can be pulled down for a makeshift bed. There’s a 1 in 10 chance that some clanless fools will be found here sleeping and occasionally heading to 9 to harvest a few bugs to eat.