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Ribbon Jammer
Ribbon Jammer (1200 dpi)

Ribbon Jammers are a fairly traditional spelljammer format – designed around a long, lean, ship structure that would fit in well in any non-jamming ocean world except for the lack of a keel and rudder. It stands out because of the long ribbons that hang off the sides of the ship and flow out and along it as it sails through space. They operate primarily as small tramp cargo vessels with acceptable storage space, a modicum of defenses (four ballistae – two in the fore turrets and two on the aft battle deck – and a single catapult on the battle deck), and room for crew but not guests or passengers in the standard configuration.

Ribbon Jammer
Ribbon Jammer (1200 dpi, no grid)

The command deck has fully glassed-in cupolas for sightlines and navigation, but the helm itself is behind them and has significantly worse visuals and major blind spots, making the helmsperson reliant on the crew in the cupolas.

No actual game stats for the ship are included here, but it is roughly 130 feet long by just over 20 feet wide for comparison with other jammers and ships for the rules set you are using.

The deckplans were drawn at 300 pixels per square and are 9,300 pixels (31 squares) wide. To use this with a VTT you would need to resize the squares to 70 pixels for 5′ squares – so resizing it to 2,170 pixels wide.


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