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I’ve seen this pop up a few times in my feeds in the last while:

This scene is from the show “Mandy” (screen shot by Paul Baldowski) starring Diane Morgan, more widely known for her character Philomena Cunk – and this most recent time that I saw it I gave it a harder look. In the past I’ve just skipped it over because the compass rose, scale marker and edge marks it as definitely not one of my maps.

But that U-shaped design in the lower left corner of the map just kept tickling my brain. That’s a VERY Dyson thing in a map – one of the tell-tales of my designs (especially my older designs). So I dug and dug and realized that it is a re-draw with some changes from one of the earliest maps posted to the blog.

The Sewers of Travon – Area 1

Rotate this map 90 degrees counter-clockwise, and you can see that this is very much the baseline of that map.

So yeah… Exploring the sewers of Travon!

Here’s my original write up for that map… posted nearly 14 years ago.