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I’m still keeping on with the #Dungeon23 projects – here’s the third map (level 2 – the second map was the surface level) in its entirety with the full map and short-form stocking.

Dyson’s Delve II – Level 3
Dyson’s Delve II – Level 2 (300 dpi)

3-1 Lower Gate
This door (shown on the cover) is unguarded by any faction because the loathsome rock crawlers have made holding this area untenable. The door is locked (and automatically relocks when closed unless the locking mechanism is jammed or the door is prevented from closing). Sometimes (25%) a flight of d6+1 stirges will be found nesting here during the day avoiding the sun.

3-2 Guard Room
The southern door to this old guard room has been half eaten. Within are signs of a battle gone tragically wrong among the detritus of ruined bunks and furniture. A pair of dead dwarves and two other adventurers are drawing flies, half consumed (bones and all) by whatever killed them.

3-3 Guard Room
Again, the door to this room has been half eaten. This guard room has been thoroughly torched at some point, cracking the floor and leaving everything soot-stained. The soot-covered weapon racks still have a few blackened weapons upon them, including the head of an engraved bronze battle axe that needs a new haft to bring it back up to spec as a weapon that deals +1 damage and heals the wielder of 1d3 hit points of damage every time an opponent of greater than 1 HD is slain by the weapon.

3-4 Alcoves
The door to the east of this area (to rooms 5 through 8) is also half eaten by the rock crawlers. Each alcove has two steps up to the alcove proper. A contains a wooden crate of rotten food and some debris. B has a small stone table that was probably a display for something atop it. C has a stone statue of a soldier in mail with a shield and axe as well as the usual debris.

3-5 Living Quarters
The door is long gone, and a hole has been cut in the wall by the rock crawlers. There’s a 25% chance each turn that one of the rock crawlers from 7 will come to investigate this room or the tunnel.

3-6 Living Quarters
This locked room is remarkably intact, with a bed, narrow table up against the wall and two chairs, and a large wardrobe. Everything is dusty. The passage south of this room has been barricaded with heavy stonework dragged here from around the dungeon. A mix of masonry, stone furnishings, and random slabs of rock.

3-7 Living Quarters
This locked room is home to the next of the rock crawlers. These are similar to Carrion Crawlers, but also have a bite attack that deals 1d4 damage and the ability to slowly cut their way through stone and other material. There are a total of three of them in the nest, but one is in area 8 and the third may have already been encountered in room 5 or in the small tunnel they have dug between the rooms.

3-8 Living Quarters
Another room in shambles with the door long destroyed. One rock crawler is here (see room 7) along with the body of an unlucky morlock that it caught and dragged back here to consume.

3-9 East Descent
A solitary gargoyle guards the way down here, but will pretend to be a statue if possible until adventurers encounter the gargoyles downstairs and then attack them from behind.

3-10 Central Shaft
The centre of this chamber is a shaft around a 10 foot wide column of solid stone. The shaft goes down multiple levels. Two of the three alcoves in the room have statues of winged beasts that look a lot like gargoyles. The third has a stone bench against the back wall – the seat has been inscribed with the phrase “Rest Now Or Forever Regret”. If things get really ugly below, the remaining gargoyles will flee up this shaft before attempting to leave via area 3-1.

Dyson’s Delve II – Level 3
Dyson’s Delve II – Level 2 (1200 dpi, tagged)

3-11 Whistling Hall
The doors to area 14 are open, and a foul wind blows through this hall. A dozen iron spikes have been hammered into the ceiling of the hall and each has a ribbon of metal hanging from it between 4 and 9 feet long that produce a haunting whistling noise as they twist and sway in the rot-stinking breeze.

3-12 Dining
This dining hall appears abandoned except for a white lump on one of the tables. The door to room 13 is open and the smell of rot comes from there. Beneath three of the tables are cat-sized black widow spiders – the white lump is an egg sac that one is guarding. Also within the egg sac is a white gem of impressive size.

3-13 Fungal Kitchen
The door to 12 is open. This kitchen was used by the morlocks until they abandoned this side of the complex. A massive pile of mold and rot has consumed much of the kitchen (including a significant amount of green slime). Under the stone countertop a solitary elven adventurer hid themselves and then died of their wounds and the consuming rot – their equipment is mostly ruined but they still have usable chain mail, a dozen silver arrow heads (without shafts) and a silver dagger.

3-14 Bathrooms
Both lead down to the Otyugh pit below. A foul breeze blows up from below. Both were in use by the morlocks, but are now consumed by rot and filth.

3-15 Grand Hall
This high-ceilinged arched hall has raised galleries on each side roughly 7 feet above the level of the floor. At the south end is a small stone table (actually meant to be a seat when covered in heavy silks to conceal the legs of the table) framed by a pair of tattered and mouldering tapestries which are currently being consumed by six 3′ long oil beetles.

3-16 Apartment
When the morlocks abandoned this area, this one clan refused to leave as they see themselves as nobles and are unwilling to give up their place to whatever foul creatures have infiltrated it. 8 Morlocks remain here, one of whom is covered in tattoos and can cast charm person and magic missile each once per day. They still gather with the morlocks in 18 through 26 for rituals and community on occasion, and will retreat that way if they can. They have a fair amount of treasure in strange electrum jewelry.

3-17 Apartment
Similar to the apartment next door, this one has been abandoned and trapped – opening the door will drop the keystone of the arch above, requiring a saving throw vs petrification to avoid 1d12 damage and bringing down the whole doorway.

3-18 Display Hall
This long curved hall has a five foot tall, five foot deep raised ledge along the west wall that once displayed a number of trophies and treasures. The inscriptions for these are still present, but only a few have anything on display, and never what is indicated on the inscription. Instead of the fist-sized “Moss Diamond”, there is the head of a slain gargoyle. The “Battle Standard of the Ripped Gut Orc Clan” appears to be a very heavy iron crossbow with a broken cord. And so on. The southern alcoves each have a pair of morlock guards in them. One will stand and fight, the other runs to alert the clans to the south.

3-19 Gaol
This chamber sits at the top of the stairs to the (actual) dungeons beneath. It was where the gaolers would guard the dungeons and spend their days. Gavie of Trole (a minor noble, F3), her companion Don Marcus (F2) and their entourage (6 men at arms, F1) are here and planning to descend into the dungeons where Don Marcus has been told the fist-sized “Moss Diamond” mentioned in 3-18 is now hidden. Gavie has a broken two handed sword that is treated as a +2 long sword now, but has a -1 to hit because of the poor balance (making it +1 to hit, +2 damage).

3-20 Gaolers
This was home to the gaolers, and more recently to three wererats that have been slain by Gavie and her companions.

Dyson’s Delve II – Level 3
Dyson’s Delve II – Level 2 (1200 dpi, untagged)

3-21 Morlock Guards
Six morlocks guard this chamber, watching for people coming from the stairs to the south (and expecting that the guards in area 3-18 will warn them of assaults from the north). If they see unfamiliar people to the south, they will raise the alarm, alerting the morlocks in 22 through 26.

3-22 Morlock Contemplation
One of the guards from 3-21 is here meditating over an odd and mishappen statuette of what is probably a bull. He has two javelins of thunderbolts and if the alarm is raised and things look like they are out of control, will try to throw one to the end of the corridor leading to 3-15 in order to catch adventurers at the base of the stairs in the blast.

3-23 Portal Room
The Morlock society looks down upon this strange misty pool from the higher chambers around it (about 12 feet above the floor of this chamber). The pool contains a strange purple fluid with a pink swirling mist above it that has a taste / smell similar to cloves. Stepping into the pool sends characters to the corresponding chamber on level 8.

3-24 Morlock Chambers
A clan of 8 morlocks lives in this elevated chamber looking down over the portal room. Their leader is a level 3 fighter and wields a magical club +1 carved to look like a screaming humanoid mushroom. The clan has some jewelry and goods equal to a hoard of treasure.

3-25 Morlock Chambers
The leader of the morlocks and their immediate family are in this chamber, looking down over the portal room. The leader is treated as a level 3 elf with charm person, sleep, and ESP. Two members of the court are level 2 fighters. Another 8 morlocks are always in attendance. They have a massive hoard of treasure and jewelry (2 hoards).

3-26 Morlock Chambers
This is the lair of the Morlock Warlock who’s mutated apprentice is in 1-22. The warlock has few friends and is accompanied by d3 morlocks at any time. If things are going poorly in areas 23 through 26, the warlock will break for the secret door to 18 and then to the stairs down to the next level where they have struck a deal with some of the gargoyles.

3-27 Blocks of Obsidian
Seven blocks of obsidian (2 feet x 2 feet x 2 feet in size) sit in a line on the floor near the north wall. A small stone bench is on a slight dais inset into the west wall. 7 Shadows of dead morlocks will come out of the blocks if disturbed.

3-28 Mystery Orb
A glowing 3 foot wide pale blue orb floats 2 feet off the ground in the northwest corner, illuminating the chamber in a strange blue light. It takes significant effort to move it (as if it weighed about 500 pounds and was sitting on the floor) and it slowly returns back to this spot if released. It has 50 hit points and takes double damage from bludgeoning tools. If shattered, a single smaller crystal will keep glowing and hovering where the orb was broken. It acts as an ioun stone that grants the ability to breathe water for 1d8 minutes per day.

3-29 Cistern
This cistern is filled with rain water collected from the hill above and moved here via a small pipe. It has overflows cut into the back of the cistern that then redirects the overflow down to the level below. The outside wall of the cistern is carved into a series of sneering faces, and 6 pit vipers have moved into the mouths of these faces and will attack if disturbed.

3-30 The Garden
Windows on the east and west walls have large planters beneath them for (now-dead) herbs. The windows look out over grassy rolling hills with a deep blue sky overhead and a much smaller white sun overhead that shines through the windows during the day, and a dozen strange moons at night. The windows cannot be opened, and breaking them or moving them somehow just exposes the stonework behind them.

3-31 Magic Herbs
Each of the four alcoves here has a smaller window similar to the ones in 3-30, and beneath each window is a small square pot of purple glazed pottery containing a single plant. Each plant has 1d4 leaves and regrows a single leaf every 2d30 days. There is no effect for eating a leaf from a single plant, but if two different leaves are eaten within an hour of each other, the following effects occur: 1&2: Cure light wounds; 1&3: Save vs Paralysis or be paralyzed for 2d4 years; 1&4: Invisibility as the spell for 1d4 minutes; 2&3: Poison (save or die); 2&4: Grow whiskers like a cat; 3&4: Poison (as 2&3) and Invisibility (as per 1&4).

Dyson’s Delve II – Level 3
Dyson’s Delve II – Level 2 (1200 dpi, no grid)

The 1200 dpi version of the map was drawn at a scale of 300 pixels per square and is 10,800 pixels (36 squares) wide. To use this with a VTT you would need to resize the squares to either 70 pixels (for 5′ squares) or 140 pixels (for 10′ squares) – so resizing it to either 2,520 pixels wide or 5,040 pixels wide, respectively.


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