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I don’t draw non-map stuff as often as I like – a few years ago I did a series of over a hundred illos at a rate of one a day, and then I did the Violations series of character drawings in 2020 and the pile of swords for the Book of Swords, but really haven’t been drawing much since then.

So I’m trying to keep up my skills by drawing at least one thing a week. And as always, repetition is really improving my work. I’m getting faster at drawing something decent, and when I take my time I impress myself with the finished piece.

This is a character from a quick one-shot I played in. I swear I’m more likely to draw a character for a one-shot game than I am to draw a character in a long term campaign. I think it is because I don’t want to be “stuck” with the character illo for any length of time because I’m not really confident in my drawing skills yet (which even I admit is pretty ridiculous – that said, my faces are still pretty bizarre and unpleasant).

But drawing that cleric started me drawing again. My next one was this ratfolk that a lot of people have compared to Master Splinter.

This guy though. This guy I drew when on benzodiazepines for gall bladder issues. I spent a lot more time working on details and just taking my time and it is probably the best piece I’ve drawn to date.

I’m obviously having fun with anthropomorphic characters at this point – probably because I don’t have to fret about getting their faces right (combined with my own love of weirdly shaped limbs). This guy’s stick is named “Russell”.

Last night I played in an all-gnome DCC funnel, and this was one of my heretical gnome worshippers of a feral gnomish god of nice hats. He died, strangled by horrifying vines. This was drawn very quickly (20 minutes or so) just before game time.

And during the game, I drew this corpulent gnome heretic, also a worshipper of the feral gnomish god of nice hats.