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I’m still trying to keep up with the two #Dungeon23 projects I started – here’s the fourth zone of the Tumíssan underworld (expanding from the small access hallway at the south end of Map 3 (area 3-16).

Tumíssan Underworld – Map 4
Tumíssan Underworld – Map 4 (300 dpi)

4-1 Access Tunnels
Uneven floors, pipes and weirdness. Lots of small spiders have settled here and there are webs everywhere. These passages are hot, with steam and hot pipesrunnign along the walls and ceilings and a humming / thrumming noise coming from the reactor area.

4-2 Maintenance Access
A single Ru’un guard does nothing unless attacked or the room is damaged. It will shout an incomprehensible warning the first time instead of attacking.

4-3 Secret Access
The secret trap door in the floor requires that the three “boxes” set into the north wall be pushed downwards one at a time, from left to right, with no more than 5 seconds between presses. The trap door then makes a “pop” and swings open to access 4-30. From the accessway side, it can be opened by pressing a button in the middle of the trapdoor. It remains open for exactly 77 seconds.

4-4 Catwalk
The lower tier of this room is 16 feet below the stone “catwalk” above. The five platforms are 18 inches higher than the walkway. The platforms hold up a statue of Ksárul, small altars, and a little dry font with dry grainy residue at the bottom. If collected and rehydrated this turns into a potion that increases Strength and Stamina by 20% for 1d6+1 hours.

4-5 Qól Tanks
A pair of massive metal and glass tanks are on the far wall, covered with inscriptions and catechisms of Ksárul. Each contains a foul liquid full of floating chunks and stringy residue, like long spoiled serpent pickles. These are tanks used to grow a larger variant of Qól but they have broken down from lack of care when the experiments failed and the area was abandoned by the temple of Ksárul during the last Ditlana. Three ceramic archways are on the lower tier leading to the tanks, but seem to serve no current purpose. Noise made in here will alert the Qól in 4-6 who will prep for attack and then finally come out to see what the commotion is after 20-30 minutes.

4-6 Qól
Six Qól with poisoned blades and javelins are here along with a half hoard of treasure that they feel they are protecting for the temple of Ksárul.

4-7 Smaller Qól Tanks
On the west wall are four human-sized Qól tanks, again marked with the symbol of Ksárul. These would still work if one knew the methods to create Qól from human stock. On the upper tier of this room are a dozen Qól with rough-made poisoned blades that will fall upon intruders not clearly marked with the symbols and colours of Ksárul.

4-8 Victims of the Shunned Ones
The bodies of six Qól lie dismembered and mangled on the ground – they appear to have been struck with multiple projectiles that penetrated through their bodies, but no projectiles can be found. A foul scent besmirches the air here, which grows stronger approaching area 4-9 (the scent of the shunned ones).

4-9 Planters & Snipers
Down the middle of this alcoved passage are a set of what used to be planters – now only containing dirt. Ducking behind the easternmost of these is a shunned one, with another waiting just in the hallway to the north. The one in the hallway has a small metallic crossbow loaded with poisoned darts and the one behind the planter has an Eye of Plentiful Projectiles with 29 charges (each charge fires an invisible “projectile” of force in a straight line forward – attacking in all respects as a crossbow +3).

4-10 Pillared Chamber
The north end of this chamber smells of shunned ones, which grows stronger approaching area 9. At the south end is a ladder leading up 20 feet to a raised grilled platform that then leads further back to area 4-11.

Tumíssan Underworld – Map 4
Tumíssan Underworld – Map 4 (1200 dpi)

4-11 Old Warehouse
12 feet below the mezzanine level, this was once a warehouse space, but most of the shelving, let alone the contents thereof, are long gone. There is, however, several hundred pounds of steel to be scavenged in the remaining shelves. Obviously any loud noise in 4-11 through 4-16 will alert Omssaer in 4-14.

4-12 Alchemy Niche
A bucket containing a dissolved Qól sits under the table here, and a small hoard of alchemical equipment and samples.

4-13 Workbench Niche
A mostly repaired battery for a chariot of the gods is on the workbench. This 200 pound device has 40 charges, but requires an Intelligence check to properly install as it has several loose and missing pieces still.

4-14 Sorcerer’s Quarters
These are the quarters of the sorcerer Omssaer hiTlu’ing. An outlaw in the city above, he has lived down here for at least a decade, making the warehouse and surroundings (areas 11-20) his domain. He is a potent level 7 sorcerer and has a personal mutant Qól bodyguard that he produced using the tanks to the north. He possesses (and will use) an Abominable Eye of Detestation (causes fear) with 47 charges and a Splendid Eye of Seeking Far Adventure (teleports the wielder and d6 creatures within 10 feet, taking allies first) to another plane until it is triggered again) with 5 charges. A metal and ceramic box under his bed produces a thin but nutritious gruel that he uses to feed himself and his Qól – he will eagerly trade information for other foods or spices. He keeps no other treasure in his quarters, but also carries a small white hexagonal “coin” of ceramic in his pocket. This is the “key” to the grate between areas 4-16 and 4-19.

4-15 Mezzanine
If pressed (but not so much that he triggers his Splendid Eye of Seeking Far Adventure), Omssaer will run here, climb down to the caged area below, and use the trap door to head for area 4-20.

4-16 Old Tube Car
Omssaer has been working on this tube car, but without a tube car station around, it is pretty much pointless. Many tools are scattered about, and can double as an excellent lockpicking kit and various other useful tools. The passage to 4-19 is blocked by a ceramic grate what will move asside for someone carrying his “key”.

4-17 Empty
Empty stone shelving indicates that this was also once storage space.

4-18 Reactor Control
This small chamber once had a crystalline wall between it and the lower section, but the barrier was shattered. The lower section is in ruins, with chunks of stone and ceramic everywhere and much of it fully collapsed.

4-19 Maintenance Stash
Accessed either through a crawlway and maintenance door in 4-20, or via the grate to 4-16 which normally requires Omssaer’s key (see 4-14). Omssaer keeps pieces of broken technology and tools that he can’t use currently in this space. Among them are a number of crystals used in ancient computational arrays that are treated as a small hoard of gems.

4-20 Maintenance Room
Ommssaer keeps his bug-out bag here, containing a change of clothes, a small hoard of gold kaitars, a scroll of teleportation, and two items he hasn’t figured out yet and has basically forgotten – one is an eye with no charges, the other looks like an oversized eye, except when the button is depressed a digital readout appears where the pupil would be (in an unknown language of the ancients, it reads out the current distance from the spaceport that is now the Plain of Towers, to the west of Mu’ugalavyá. He keeps this area locked down, and isn’t aware of the massive spiders that have moved into this chamber and now lair directly around his bug-out bag.

Tumíssan Underworld – Map 4
Tumíssan Underworld – Map 4 (1200 dpi, untagged)

4-21 Shunned Ones
Three shunned ones are examining the area – one is a sorcerer, another an apprentice, and the last a bodyguard / warrior. When they are done, they’ll get the bodies from 4-22 and bring them to 4-28.

4-22 Mess
Mechanical detritus and a pair of dead Shunned Ones are on the floor. The Shunned Ones are already bagged up to be transported home via the Nexus Point.

4-23 Crossroads
The northwest door opens automatically when touched. The northeast door has a large warning icon on it in orange (a big triangle) and opens automatically when contact is maintained for five seconds. There’s a 25% chance every turn of a shunned one entering this area from 4-27.

4-24 Engines & Cooling Access
Pipes and conduits are along the walls and ceiling of this passage that eventually leads to map 5.

4-25 Shunned Ones
Three shunned ones (all minor sorcerers) are examining this sunken chamber and the doorway to 4-26. The door is a pocket door that is jammed in its track and won’t open except to a door control spell.

4-26 Collapsed Accessway
This chamber is out of alignment with the rest of the complex, the floor canted at a 3 degree angle to the north. The passage accessway to the west has completely collapsed. A small iron Pé Chói (30 inches tall) is trapped partially under the rubble. If carefully removed from the rubble, it operates as a small clockwork automaton that can operate for 4 turns every day before needing to be rewound and set in the sun to recharge. When activated it will follow orders in Pé Chói spoken by the activator, and is a 4HD creature with the equivalent of +1 daggers for two of its four forelimbs.

4-27 Reactor Control
This chamber, full of strange ceramic and glass tables, is the staging point for the shunned ones who have come through the nexus point in 4-28. Their goal is to find their way to overload the The Mouth of Vimúhla and hopefully destroy much of Tumíssa. There are d6+4 shunned ones here at any one time, 25% of which are minor sorcerers. They have smashed the crystalline barrier between 4-27 and 4-28.

4-28 Reactor Nexus Point
This reactor chamber now manifests a nexus point through which the shunned ones are entering the Tumíssan Underworld. A large hoard of goods is on the floor here, looted from the underworld and being prepped to return through the nexus point. Two shunned one warriors stand guard with crossbows and will engage intruders here and in 4-27. The doors to 4-29 will not open except to a door control spell.

4-29 Poison of the Ancients
This reactor chamber is flooded with ionizing radiation, requiring a saving throw every turn to avoid the effects of the “poison of the ancients” (radiation poisoning). A secret maintenance hatch in the north wall leads to 4-30.

4-30 Secret Access
This access crawlway between 4-3 and 4-29 is hot, steamy, and in the area southeast of the last side passage is also irradiated. The radiation is less fierce than in 4-29, and saving throws are at a +4 bonus.

Tumíssan Underworld – Map 4
Tumíssan Underworld – Map 4 (1200 dpi, no grid)

The 1200 dpi version of the map was drawn at a scale of 300 pixels per square and is 10,800 pixels (36 squares) wide. To use this with a VTT you would need to resize the squares to either 70 pixels (for 5′ squares) or 140 pixels (for 10′ squares) – so resizing it to either 2,520 pixels wide or 5,040 pixels wide, respectively.


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