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The Halls of Amon-Gorloth II
The Halls of Amon-Gorloth II (300 dpi promo)

Built by rebel priests of Amon-Gorloth, this dungeon was constructed and adapted from existing caverns following dreams they claim are channelled from Amon-Gorloth itself – making them a twisted and nightmarish version of the convoluted mausoleums under the desert sands where Amon-Gorloth sleeps and dreams. Of course, the “real” priests of Amon-Gorloth had already created the Deep Halls following the sleeping god’s plans, and neither can agree that the other can possibly be right (although both incorporate similar entryways and a mix of caves and finished masonry). But Amon-Gorloth dreams of madness and cares not for those who try to translate dreams into dungeons, and has already forgotten both of these strange cults…

The Halls of Amon-Gorloth II
The Halls of Amon-Gorloth II (1200 dpi)

There are multiple versions of the map to download, all of which are too big to show on the blog (each is about 10 megs in size) which you can download through the following links:

The “Old Style” version uses the grey grid, old-school stair markers, and lack of shadows so it matches up in style with the Original Halls of Amon Gorloth which I posted eight years ago.

The Halls of Amon-Gorloth II
The Halls of Amon-Gorloth II – Colour-by-depth reference

For the original Halls of Amon-Gorloth, Michael Prescott did a colour-coded depth map which we included with the final release. I’ve reproduced his work here using the “Old Style” map (so you can see how it uses simpler markers to feel like the original). This reference map is only available at 300dpi.

The 1200 dpi versions of the map were drawn at a scale of 300 pixels per square and are 25,200 pixels (84 squares) wide. To use this with a VTT you would need to resize the squares to either 70 pixels (for 5′ squares) or 140 pixels (for the recommended 10′ squares) – so resizing it to either 5,880 pixels wide or 11,760 pixels wide, respectively.


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