characters-headerThe original goal of this blog was to document my project to make 2 NPCs for every game I own. Since it began it has become a general RPG blog, focused primarily but far from exclusively on old “old school” games. But the original purpose of the blog remains and this page exists to help navigate the ever expanding collection of characters created in the project.

I try to update this list semi-regularly. At the date of last compilation (May 6th, 2011), there were a total of 99 sample characters on the site (and two characters that failed to survive character creation for deadEarth).

Starting Characters:

Advanced Characters

9 thoughts on “Characters”

  1. How come no Labyrinth Lord character?


  2. Hah – recognise THAT picture (at the head of the page). Still got them in paperback form…

  3. Why no D&D 5th edition?

  4. No AD&D with the other five rolling methods? 🙂

  5. I’m a Moldvay-Cook B/X, Menzter CMI, RC, 1st Edition AD&D kinda guy who has also been collecting information about OD&D.

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