A Flask Full of Gasoline

flask-promo-cover“A Flask Full of Gasoline” – Bitter Gaming with Dyson Logos is an RPG written for the “Harder than Granite” 24 hour RPG competition hosted by 1km1kt.net on November 7th & 8th, 2013.

A Flask Full of Gasoline was not initially designed to be actually… played. It was designed as a parody of an RPG – what if RPGs were written for real badasses instead of being written so you could play a badass.

Let’s make this clear – the mechanics of this game, while still functional, could quite possibly result in the death of the people playing the game – not just their characters. So, for fuck’s sake, don’t sit down to play this game using the rules as written unless you already eat bullets and drink gasoline when you aren’t roleplaying.

Now here’s a secret: On the last page of the last booklet (the adventure booklet called “Burn”), there are rules for playing the game with total pussies and with pussies. The total pussy rules I don’t endorse as being any fun. But the less pussy-like of the pussy rules does make the game playable (and non-lethal unless you get alcohol poisoning) as long as you have access to hand-loading equipment or to someone who does.


In order to play A Flask Full of Gasoline you will need the following:

  • One copy of the main booklet for each player present.
  • One copy of the dealer booklet for the dealer
  • One shot glass per player
  • One or more bottles of 190 proof grain alcohol
  • One flask full of gasoline
  • One box of matches
  • A pile of bullets (I recommend getting these by making all the players unload their guns at the table and empty their magazines. We don’t want players shooting each other until after the game is over)

A Flask Full of Gasoline is a game with a winner and a loser. At the end of the game, the winner gets to burn something down. The loser, on the other hand, has to burn something down – tonight. And that something is chosen by the other players and the Dealer. So don’t be the loser.


There were two primary inspirations for A Flask Full of Gasoline.

  • Rob Lang and Evil Scientist were discussing game mechanics for a game that doesn’t use numbers in the 1km1kt forums and started discussing drinking petrol, and since the competition this year is for pocketmods, the petrol would have to be in a flask.
  • The scene in the early part of the classic “the Crow” movie where T-Bird’s gang is in the bar slamming down shots to wash down bullets while shouting “Burn it up! Burn it up!”. THAT is what this game is about – hard liquor, bullets, and pyromaniac gangsters.

The “Harder the Granite” 24 hour RPG competition has a few basic rules that affected the game design.

  1. Game has to go from first concept, through development and to final layout and production in 24 hours.
  2. The game has to be published in PocketMod format.
  3. The game cannot use numbers.

The end result is a game that relies on “pitching” bullets at each other (flicking them with your finger so they fly across the table, knocking the opponent’s bullet down) in order to be the biggest badass at the table.

Here are the files in screen-readable format

And here they are in pocketmod format (harder to read, easier to print!)


3 thoughts on “A Flask Full of Gasoline”

  1. that shit’s funny

  2. oh wow, I’m going to have to roundup a gang of badasses to play this!

  3. Simon Landmine said:

    I might have to have a bunch of bad guys in my Feng Shui game be playing this when the heroes turn up …

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