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deadEarth - We eat lightning and piss napalm.

deadEarth – We eat lightning and piss napalm.

I have an obsession with this most horrible of RPGs, a complete Turducken of Stupid, the most realistic post-apocalyptic RPG in the world!!!1One!!

The horror. deadEarth was one hell of a strange post apocalyptic RPG. For a few weeks I found myself completely obsessed over the game – a process begun because I tried to make a sample character for it – but the sample character died during character creation. Then the second character died. And the third, while he didn’t die, was rendered basically useless. In the end I rolled up 5 characters for the game, dug up a pile of old products for it, and even wrote a “Top 5″ list for it. All of this is available below:

Yes, deadEarth is possibly one of the worst RPGs ever. But don’t take my word for it. You should try it out yourself and see what I’m talking about.

But Dyson” I hear the cries, “the game is long out of print and even the website is gone now, how will I try out the most realistic and flexible post-apocalyptic RPG of all time for myself?

Before shutting down deadEarth, the publisher made the magnanimous gesture of making the game free and freely republishable on a non-commercial basis, and I’ve added new material too!

The Player’s Handbook

Additional Official Documents

Unofficial Additional Documents

7 thoughts on “deadEarth Resources”

  1. For some reason ”figure C1” is not showing up for me in either of the versions of the players handbook… How am I supposed to roll up characters if I can’t figure out how much they weigh?

    • Someone graciously included it in the Character Creation Helper Spreadsheet in the links above, but here it is:

      Result Weight (multiple of height in inches)
      5-6 Weight = Height
      7-17 Weight = Height x 2
      18-24 Weight = Height x 3
      25-28 Weight = Height x 4
      29-30 Weight = Height x5

  2. Know that I’ll be rolling a character in my blog for spanish speaking dudes who know nothing of the horror that is deadEarth, thanks for the inspiration 😉

  3. thankyou for posting these, my frieny Tony did all the artwork. He died a long time ago, but the last time I saw him he was thrilled about his artwork being published..

    i havr been looking for a copy for a very long time now so i could see it for myself, thanks for the trip down memory lane with Tony.

  4. Joshua Cameron said:

    FYI, the illustrated version of the 2E Players Guide has been removed from Scribd due to copyright violations. After reading yours, I have a perverse need to roll up some deadEarth characters.

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