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deadEarth - We eat lightning and piss napalm.

deadEarth – We eat lightning and piss napalm.

I have an obsession with this most horrible of RPGs, a complete Turducken of Stupid, the most realistic post-apocalyptic RPG in the world!!!1One!!

The horror. deadEarth was one hell of a strange post apocalyptic RPG. For a few weeks I found myself completely obsessed over the game – a process begun because I tried to make a sample character for it – but the sample character died during character creation. Then the second character died. And the third, while he didn’t die, was rendered basically useless. In the end I rolled up 5 characters for the game, dug up a pile of old products for it, and even wrote a “Top 5″ list for it. All of this is available below:

Yes, deadEarth is possibly one of the worst RPGs ever. But don’t take my word for it. You should try it out yourself and see what I’m talking about.

But Dyson” I hear the cries, “the game is long out of print and even the website is gone now, how will I try out the most realistic and flexible post-apocalyptic RPG of all time for myself?

Before shutting down deadEarth, the publisher made the magnanimous gesture of making the game free and freely republishable on a non-commercial basis, and I’ve added new material too!

The Player’s Handbook

Additional Official Documents

Unofficial Additional Documents

8 thoughts on “deadEarth Resources”

  1. For some reason ”figure C1” is not showing up for me in either of the versions of the players handbook… How am I supposed to roll up characters if I can’t figure out how much they weigh?

    • Someone graciously included it in the Character Creation Helper Spreadsheet in the links above, but here it is:

      Result Weight (multiple of height in inches)
      5-6 Weight = Height
      7-17 Weight = Height x 2
      18-24 Weight = Height x 3
      25-28 Weight = Height x 4
      29-30 Weight = Height x5

  2. Know that I’ll be rolling a character in my blog for spanish speaking dudes who know nothing of the horror that is deadEarth, thanks for the inspiration 😉

  3. thankyou for posting these, my frieny Tony did all the artwork. He died a long time ago, but the last time I saw him he was thrilled about his artwork being published..

    i havr been looking for a copy for a very long time now so i could see it for myself, thanks for the trip down memory lane with Tony.

  4. Joshua Cameron said:

    FYI, the illustrated version of the 2E Players Guide has been removed from Scribd due to copyright violations. After reading yours, I have a perverse need to roll up some deadEarth characters.

  5. Bummer. Most of the Scribd links are dead and the ones that do work take you to the “Korean Dictionary”. Which is and of itself a bit apocalyptic, I guess.

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