Random Tables

(Last Updated June 7th, 2017)


I’ve been a fan of random tables since… well… forever it seems.

And I’ve been writing them and posting them here. However, typical of most blogs, I lose track of my own creations on here (and routinely lose track of other people’s awesome creations because blogs are rarely organized like websites and for those of you out there who create awesome game content they SHOULD be). Some of the tables have made it into Dyson’s Dodecahedron, but since I’m currently posting one a week, there should always be more tables on the blog than in the ‘zine.

Here are the random tables and generators I’ve written for D&D-style fantasy games:

Other Random Tables:

10 thoughts on “Random Tables”

  1. The Story Enthusiast said:

    These are awesome! Have you considered putting them into a PDF? I’m trying to assemble a folder of tables, and I’d love to use these!

  2. shafikisabiiti said:


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