Multi-Page Dungeons

(Last updated: November 4th, 2014)

While most of my non-geomorphic maps stand on their own, there are a number of dungeon maps posted to the blog over the years that take multiple pages of maps – including one of the first dungeons I ever posted to the blog.

This page collects these maps in reverse chronological order (from most recent to oldest).

The Stony Recesses - Upper Level

The Stony Recesses – (2 Maps)

The Stony Recesses is a two-level dungeon connected by a massive staircase around the outer edge of a circular cave. Both maps are on a single post.


The Ruined Castle & Dungeon Beneath

The Ruined Palace & Dungeon Beneath

These two maps present a Minoan-styled ruined palace and then the sprawling and partially collapsed catacombs beneath it.


Namurta's Halls - Surface

Namurta’s Halls

Namurta’s Halls are a set of three abandoned ruins all in the same locale and linked by the massive cavern beneath them.


Mad Fenrick's Manor

Mad Fenrick’s Manor

Mad Fenrick’s Manor is my nod towards the classic Tegel Manor adventure. There are two maps in this set: Fenrick’s Manor itself, and the basement & crypt level beneath it.


Fedor's Pass - Side View

Fedor’s Pass – Side View

Fedor’s Pass is a massive dungeon complex combining several “dungeons” as well as surface areas. Here’s a breakdown of the nine currently available maps:


Delve of Dread - Surface Detail A

Delve of Dread – Surface Detail A

The Delve of Dread was an abortive attempt to draw up a multi-level mega-dungeon that would include locations where geomorphs could be added to the dungeon to change the dungeon layout from session to session. So far only the Surface Detail A and Level 1 A maps have been posted.


Darkling Depths

Darkling Depths

The Darkling Depths is a big five-level dungeon spread out over a total of 8 letter-sized maps. It includes multiple entrances and even a small dwarven town on level 3 with surface access for higher level adventurers to take advantage of.


The Demon Hall - Lower Level

The Demon Hall

The Demon Hall is a two-level map based around a large throne room / audience chamber that opens up onto both levels.


Erdea Manor - Surface and Level 1 (keyed)

Erdea Manor

Erdea Manor is not only a four-level dungeon each on it’s own page, but a fully stocked 90-area dungeon ready for play using the B/X or Labyrinth Lord rules. Because the stocking of the manor is spread over multiple posts, Erdea Manor has a page of it’s own collecting the four maps as well as the 11 posts that detail the contents. Erdea Manor also appears in Dyson’s Delves I and is spread over two issues of Dyson’s Dodecahedron.


The Grand Ruins Overview

The Grand Ruins Overview

The Grand Ruins were the base for a Labyrinth Lord campaign I ran in early 2010. Included in this collection of maps are:


The Necromancer's Garden - A Set of 5 Maps

The Necromancer’s Garden

One of the earliest map posts to the blog, the Necromancer’s Garden was inspired because I had found a booklet of 6 square per inch graph paper in a Top Secret S.I. box I bought at a yard sale. It is spread out over four level maps and one side-view.

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