Vertical Morphology

(Last updated June 2nd, 2011)

With the solid success of the Geomorph Mapping Project now spanning a dozen blogs and approaching 500 geomorphs to choose from, Jeff Rients challenged the geomorphers to take it to another dimension – and start creating vertical geomorphs.

The upside of these is that they are pure awesome. The downside of course is that unlike regular geomorphs, you can’t rotate them to link them in any one of four different facings (or 8, if you also mirror them).

And of course, like a troupe of performing monkeys at Jeff’s whim, there are several bloggers now making “vertical geomorphs”. As of this posting there are over three dozen actual geomorphs and a collection of additional bits like entrances, corner bits and side bits.

A Character For Every Game

Dave’s Mapper

Fictitious Entry

Lapsus Calumni


15 thoughts on “Vertical Morphology”

  1. m.s. jackson said:

    Dance monkey dance! 😉

    • Dyson Logos said:

      You are one to talk, one performing monkey to another.

      • m.s. jackson said:

        Hehe, yeah, what can I say, I love these things. I actually just did a near full page on for my zine that piggybacks with Christian’s One Square Equals Five Feet zine.

  2. Aargh! I want some earth hatch fills, but mine look like crap. Anybody know where I can ge some, or a good tutorial on how to make them?

  3. Is it just me or do the side-view geomorphs make the map look like an ant farm? 🙂

  4. Nate McD said:

    Vertical geomorphs could include only one top and bottom connector, but three side connections… making vertical transit more difficult, horizontal transit easier.

    Also, a very little bit of clever design could make them vertically invertible, and if they are printed on both sides, the mirror-flip could be on the back of the same card.

  5. So may dead links 😦

    • Had the same sad feeling. Maybe someone has them and can repost. I’m becoming a fan of these side views and am building ways to use them in a VTT.

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