Shadows of the Ruinous Powers

Being a series of quick game notes trying to account for the events of many sessions of playing through The Enemy Within using the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e rules.

Part 1
The Enemy Within & The Children of Regensdorf

Session 1
Off to Altdorf where Crown Prince Tasseninck is hiring adventurers for “a most perilous mission into unexplored regions of the Grey Mountains.”

Session 2
Dead mutants, a body-double, and missing children in the town of Regensdorf

Session 3
A battle with goblins in the woods to save Regensdorf… but were the goblins really behind the murders?

Session 4
Bogeymen & Scarecrows – the goblins are dead, but another child is lost… to an animated scarecrow?!

Session 5
No one fights like Gascon
With his beard alight like Gascon
In a wrestling match nobody bites like Gascon

Session 6
Having missed the adventure in Altdorf, we catch a boat to Bogenhafen for their spring festival (and an inheritance)!

Part 2
Shadows Over Bogenhafen

Session 7
Schaffenfest! Escaped goblins! Eviscerated dwarves! Horrific black demons from hell!

Session 8
Investigating Bogenhafen – the merchant families, the criminal underground, the travelling sideshows, and the courts.

Session 9
I see a Chaos Moon Rising! A meeting with the head of the Merchants’ Guild. The trouble in town dates back 2 years, to when Johannes Teugen returned to town.

Session 10
Plagues! Poison! Impersonating a Government Official! Another grisly murder! And another!

Session 11
Breaking up a meeting of a secret society. Fireballs and demon summoning. Teugen’s head rolls 2d6 yards in a random direction.

Session 12
The festival is over. Time to track Teugen’s magic to Etelka Herzen. Acquiring a boat and fighting mutants!

Part 3
Death on the Reik

Session 13
Getting to know the new boat. Investigations in Weissbruck. A missing Apothecary!

Session 14
Where we explore the river merchant rules from Death on the Reik, and Wilfried gets “the Purple Hand”.

Session 15
Rescuing Mr Descartes, a detour to Schoppendorf and the body of a dead Sigmarite Witch Hunter.

Sessions 16 & 17
A short stay at the Three Feathers turns into murder and a dozen intersecting events.

Session 18
Magical training in Delberz and help tracking Etelka Herzen – a wizard turned to chaos. Panicked Dwarves on the riverbank!

Session 19
Helping the dwarven construction team and investigating the secret necromantic laboratory discovered beneath the tower.

Session 20
“I represent a group of investors from a nearby city-state who wish to acquire some goods from the Kemperbad dwarves.”

Session 21
Etelka Herzen’s tower headquarters, now overrun by her erstwhile goblin allies.

Session 22
To the Devil’s Bowl (totally not a weed reference) and an encounter with Skaven!

Session 23
Infections, secret libraries, and the Vampire Count Orlock on the Maria Borger!

Session 24
The doomed town of Wittgendorf. A bandit camp. A dilapidated church of Sigmar and a magic sword!

Session 25
The boat has been impounded! Etelka Herzen catches up with the group and fireballs once again fly! The bandits are almost farcifully meek.

Session 26
Ambush in the woods. Ambush at the dinner table.

Session 27
A daring night raid into castle Wittgenstein! A magical chaos organ and a deamonette of Slaanesh!

Session 28
Mutant birdfolk. A Kafka-esque conversation with a giant civilized cockroach. Skaven in the basement!

Session 29
The fall of Castle Wittgenstein. Fire on the Bawdy Countess! Perhaps a vacation in Middenheim?

Session 30
A strange box. A young priest and an old priest. Graverobbers.

Session 31
Capturing their pursuers, we finally learn about the Tzeentchian Cult of the Purple Hand.

Part 4
Power Behind the Throne

Session 32
Regensdorf is gone. Ambush at the Shrine of the Shining Rock. A meeting with the Grand Theogonist.

Session 33
Welcome to Middenheim! Finding an inn, looking for cultists, meeting the Ar-Ulric, drinking with Pavarotti.

Session 34
Celebration of the 1812 Overcure. A quiet dinner with the Graf’s Champion. Strange brainwashing about taxes of all things…

Session 35
Fighting Minotaurs and meeting Wally the Weasel & Manny the Maggot – Middenheim’s top graverobbers!

Session 36
Hunting for Nurgle Cults and meeting dwarves. God Damnit Mombert!

Session 37
Urchin encounters. Larry becomes the new champion. Dehypnotizing the old champion.

Session 38
Middenheim Vice! Drugged giant slayers, drugged chancellors, blackmail, the last von Wittgenstein!

Session 39
The Great Dance-Off at the Garden Party!

Session 40
Bailing a dwarf out of jail, off to the slums to buy drugs, a raid by the city watch!

Session 41
Back to the catacombs to find Nurgle cultists. Now with extra beastmen! The murder of poor Addic the gnome.

Session 42
Hunting for the long-lost necromancer under orders from the College of Magic.

Session 43
Assassination attempt after assassination attempt, Gottlieb escapes with his life, but only barely.

Session 44
Dancing Bears, an ogrish ally, taking the investigation to Gotthard’s home.

Session 45
Commandeering the watch, herr Lieberung’s affair, the poisoning of Luigi Pavarotti.

Session 46
Finally meeting the Graf. Getting the dirt on Frau Kenner. Introduction to Hess, agent of Heinrich (the Graf’s son).

Session 47
Red Knut’s Rebels are rioting! Ehrlich is in hiding, his niece kidnapped to control him!

Session 48
Last day of Carnival. The children’s parade & a cult of Slaanesh!

Session 49
Assassination! Doppelganger! Fireworks! Exploding Battle Wagons!

Part 5
The Long Road to Kislev

Session 50
Knights Panther, a mission north to Kislev, an encounter with Fimir, saving a village.

Session 51
Fimir Sorcery most Foul! Smoking Wizard Boots! Trading babies for heretics.

Session 52
Beastmen in the Drakwald! Sons of Ulric! Strange stone circles.

Session 53
Bounties, bombs, and 30 to 50 feral hogs!

Session 54
Assault on the Bandit Fortress! Explosions! Mayhem! Fire!

Session 55
“Peaceful negotiations”, a secret treasure map, and a jewel of immense value.

Session 56
A new Bawdy Countess, a quest for the Hogmother’s Forge.

Session 57
Return to Regendorf. The battle of the Bawdy Countess. The destruction of an artifact.

Part 6
Something Rotten in Kislev

Session 58
The long river voyage to Kislev. A meeting with the Tsar himself.

Session 59
Investigating the beastman attacks in Voltsara. Strange Kislevite magics & spirits.

Session 60
Operation Bear Punch! Father Bear, naked weirdo, beastmen, chaos warrior!

Session 61
Dwarven Ruins, Goblin Graves, and Supernatural Guardians. The village is saved, back to Kislev!

Session 62
The seige of Chernozavtra – Hobgoblins & Dolgans & Bison, oh my!

Session 63
A bizarre wedding and some gifts for Sulring Durgul.

Session 64
The ride of the dead! Next stop: Bolgasgrad in rebellion with Sulring Durgul!

Session 65
Collecting information about Bolgasgrad, and the creation of Wilhelm Lizard’s Flying Circus! A small town with a horrid harvest.

Session 66
Skipping town before becoming the next sacrifices, off to the cursed city of Praag and then south to Bolgasgrad where zombies work the fields.

Session 67
Papers Please! The Who’s Who of Bolgasgrad while trying to find the missing spy, Julius.

Session 68
Investigations in Bolgasgrad and a first foray into the Temple of the Ancient Allies via secret door.

Session 69
Into the catacombs – undeath plague, creepy plants, skeletons, chunky salsa. And a vampire.

Session 70
Ice Vamp, Chaos Warrior, none can stand up to these Knights Panther. The arrival of Sulring Durgul.

Session 71
Invitation to tea. Sulring talks. Sulring deals. Sulring dies.

Part 7
A Cold Winter in Kislev

Session 72
Heroes of the People, 2nd class! Removal of the Death Curse, a little game of bait and witch.

Session 73
The Sacking of Bolgasgrad. The forces of chaos are on the move!

Session 74
Return to the Empire! Demons & Templars & Premonitions of Civil War.

Part 8
The Empire in Flames!

Session 75
Conflict on the river, Talabheim to Altdorf, the Emperor assassinated!

Session 76
Gathering of the Electors. The crown prince is a mutant! Graf Todbringer slain!

Session 77
A quest to recover Ghal-Maraz. Another trip down the Reik. Party barge ambush!

Session 78
Down the river to Nuln, Pfeildorf, and beyond. Witch Hunters & Fanatics, oh my!

Session 79
On foot from Hechsleben to Black Fire Pass. Odd companions, flying foreigners, a fight in the hills.

Session 80
Blasting the pass. Goblin ambush. The side-trail to Karak Kadal – a valley of the dead.

More to come!