(Last updated on September 14th, 2013)

Dyson’s Dodecahedron is an RPG zine I publish irregularly. It is aimed specifically towards providing material for the old 1981-era B/X rules and by extension, the awesome retroclone thereof – Labyrinth Lord from Goblinoid Games.

All issues of Dyson’s Dodecahedron are available through our PDF storefront at RPGnow and are set as Pay What You Want items, so they are yours to download for free, but you are also welcome to throw a bit of coin my way if you like an issue to encourage me to make more.



30 thoughts on “Dodecahedron”

  1. Great stuff – especilally loving the polearms !

  2. Well done! I especially like the rules for thief skills. Keep up the awesome work.

    • Dyson Logos said:

      Thanks. And despite the computer problems and work being overwhelming this week, it looks like #2 will be out next week.

  3. This is wonderful material. Every page has some inspiration in it. You are very creative! I hope to see more of this.

  4. I have now run two of the three Dodecahedron maps, and my players have greatly enjoyed them. Thanks! Here are adventure reports.

  5. Hey, I’m really impressed with these not only how you packaged them together, but also the kind of thoughts you have. I share some of your thinking in regarding how to handle things in classic D&D.

  6. Excellent work, I like the Thief skills most of all, and I plan on using them in my game.

  7. These ‘zines are bursting with imagination and ideas. Excellent stuff. Thank you.

  8. I would really like to see a “Fair” themed edition! You have your games already started, combined with some mishaps, and perhaps a keyed location of a fair with various plot hooks, buskers, regular acts, and merchants. That would go especially nicely with the Frog Idol mini-campaign, as the town could have a fair when they arrive…

  9. jeff jones said:

    I am eagerly awaiting a 5th issue of Dodecahedron.

  10. Really loving this. The dungeons in each issue are very well done! I especially like Erdea Manor and Ruins of the Gorgon.

  11. I’m running my Microlite74 group through Erdea Manor at the moment. It’s a blast. Particularly since I gave the ogres some barrels of dwarven black powder.

  12. Ooh! Issue 4!

    Happy day, happy day! 🙂

  13. Got any drow themed dungeons? Love your work!

  14. I hope we see a come back of the dodecahedron on 2017

  15. If you ever have the wherewithal, I’d love to purchase print versions of these! One of my favorite OSR zines!

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