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Dysonize your Dungeons!

Dyson’s Delves I & II are 140+ page 6″x9″ books (in hardcover, softcover and PDF) each containing a collection of adventures and 44 additional maps.

The design is based on classic toolbox products such as Fifty Starbases by Judges Guild. Each map in the second portion of the book is presented on it’s own page opposite a lined page that you use to indicate where the dungeon in question is, what it is known as on your campaign map, as well as what is important about it in your games. You can photocopy the maps for your own use, but I honestly recommend writing directly into the book. There is really nothing quite like the feel of pulling down a nice hardcover book of dungeons for your sandbox campaign instead of referring to a collection of printouts and notes.


Book I contains the following adventures:

  • Dyson’s Delve Levels 1 – 11 – The “mini mega dungeon” that has seen play at tables around the world taking characters from level 1 to level 6, from fighting rats to dealing with a dragon!
  • The Charmed Grotto – A mysterious cave with bandits, bugbears and other fell creatures for levels 5-8.
  • Ruins of the Gorgon – A dungeon adventure for level 4 characters who probably expect to find a gorgon within…
  • The Worm’s Gullet – A prize-winning adventure for level 4-6 characters adventuring into the petrified corpse of a purple worm.
  • Erdea Manor – A 90-area 4-level dungeon with multiple groups of monsters and another explorer working down into the depths.

Book II contains the following adventures:

  • Trouble at Imp Brucke – strange goblins and stranger things challenge characters of levels 6-7
  • The Screams From Jedder’s Hole – something has started screaming from under the main temple in town in this adventure for levels 4-5
  • Cavanaugh’s Hall – a small site-based encounter around old ruins for levels 7-8
  • The Ruins of Corvel on the Mount – a science-fantasy delve for levels 6-7
  • Goblin Gully – a true classic adventure with one hell of a final bite for levels 1-2
  • Atarin’s Delve – a dungeon turned into the headquarters of a team of unusual bandits for level 4
  • Valley of the Red Apes – a collection of 5 smaller site-based encounter / adventures set in a valley overrun with carnivorous red apes including:
    • Ziggurat of Rhissel the Morning Lord (level 6-8)
    • The Secret of Jen’s Hall (level 5-6)
    • The Cliffside Stronghold (level 5-7)
    • A Devourer Most Foul (level 5-7)
    • The Silver Obelisk

Dyson's Delves Interior

Each collected book is available in three formats:

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