Dyson’s Delves

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Dyson's Delves

Customize your Dungeons!

Dyson’s Delves is a 6″ x 9″ 149 page book of adventures and maps for your old school game. Five full adventures from the site begin the book, followed by 44 dungeon maps each with a lined page opposite it for the owner to stock and key the maps or just to write notes about the dungeon for his or her own game.

The design is based on classic toolbox products such as Fifty Starbases by Judges Guild. Each map in the second portion of the book is presented on it’s own page opposite a lined page that you use to indicate where the dungeon in question is, what it is known as on your campaign map, as well as what is important about it in your games. You can photocopy the maps for your own use, but I honestly recommend writing directly into the book. There is really nothing quite like the feel of pulling down a nice hardcover book of dungeons for your sandbox campaign instead of referring to a collection of printouts and notes.

Dyson's Delves InteriorBoth editions contain reformatted versions of the classic mini-mega dungeon “Dyson’s Delve”, as well as four other dungeons from the pages of the blog – “The Charmed Grotto”, “Ruins of the Gorgon”, “The Worm’s Gullet” and “Erdea Manor”, followed by 44 unkeyed maps.

The Limited hardcover edition (no longer available) contained an additional adventure at the back of the book, “The Twisted Halls of Mornard’s Revenge” which is designed for near name-level adventurers. The current hardcover edition (not the limited edition) has the exact same contents as the softcover edition.

Dyson's Delves Interior
The perfectbound edition is $20, the casebound hardcover edition is $35 and the limited hardcover edition was $40. There were only 100 copies of the limited edition “I want to pay for Dyson’s Internet” hardcover sold before it was retired.

Buy Dyson’s Delves in print at LuLu
Buy Dyson’s Delves in PDF at RPGnow

46 thoughts on “Dyson’s Delves”

  1. Oh, hell yes! I’ll be picking this up with any holiday money I score.

  2. eric bullis said:

    I’ve been a fan for years! I would LOVE to purchase a PDF copy of the “Delves”. Is that possible? I’m the sort of DM who keeps a 3-ring binder of adventures… It’s my style…

  3. Enjoying my hardcover edition today, thanks!!! Dyson, do you have a link to a page of errata/corrections and do you want “bug reports” on this first printing?

  4. Discovered a lucky thing. The edge binding on the Limited Edition Hardcover is wide enough when the book is opened that you can feed a ribbon along the length of the book to create a bookmark.

  5. I had to wait until after X-mas too. Ordered late on 12/28 and it arrived on 1/5. Lulu was really fast over the holidays and it even came in a box. The hard cover is well worth it for any fans of Dyson’s maps, it’s solid and the pages seem very durable. I’ve been carrying it around and fondling it for over a week. I would have preferred a slightly larger format, but that’s a minor detail.

  6. I have a question about printing the PDFs. I bought both of them in PDF format and I was wondering if we are able to get the professionally printed like at FedEx or Staples?

  7. Hi, I love your maps, and I’m using them in my VTT game. I’ve recently bought the Dyson’s Delves 1 PDF, but I’m finding that the maps are not high enough resolution to scale them up for use as maps on the VTT. Are there higher resolution scans available of the maps?

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